Google, Hasbro to Launch Monopoly Online

Monopoly is being reinvented for the digital age as Google teams up with the board game’s producer Hasbro to make an online version.


The Monopoly City Streets edition will utilize Google Maps and players will be able buy millions of streets from around the world on the virtual board.

The new version will have some noticeable differences from the traditional ones as players will be able to build football stadiums and skyscrapers. New chance cards even allow players to dent their opponents’ rental income by building prisons and rubbish dumps on their streets.

'It’s a chance to escape the harsh reality of recession and enjoy building up an empire,' a spokesperson for Hasbro said.

Players will be given 3 million Monopoly dollars at the start of the game. Using the cash they can snap up Downing Street for 231,000 or Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington for 2 million.

Monopoly City Streets goes live on 9 September for 4 months and is free to sign up to, but there’s no real cash prize.