Natural Gas: Big Enemies, Big Prospects

President Obama's Green Jobs Czar, Van Jones, is stepping down for some political indiscretions, Cramer is nominating himself for the position, and presenting a plan to green the country, at that. Cramericans know that the Mad Money host is a big fan of natural gas as a cleaner, cheaper mainstream fuel, and is his perfect replacement to coal and oil as the big energy sources for the country. This week, Cramer is focusing on natural gas and the benefits it would have as a transition fuel... and which companies could make fortunes for themselves - and for you - because of it.

Cramer sees wind and solar as a good solution, but one that would take decades to implement and therefore is out of the realm of what is needed right here, right now. But why haven’t we embraced natural gas? Because it has enemies. Enemies who are attempting to block the transition to this cleaner fuel.

So who are public enemies of natural gas? Actually, Cramer says, the natural gas industry has in many ways been its own worst enemy. Disorganized, the industry has T. Boone Pickens, an inherently polarizing figure, as its spokesman.

But public enemy number one for natural gas: the coal industry. With a robust lobbying body, Coal spends nearly four times as much on political contributions as the natural gas industry, says Cramer. The utility industry is also on coal’s side as it gets 59% of its power from coal versus just 13% from natural gas, and so are the railroads, which like coal because they make so much money moving it. These coal barons claim that they can use carbon capture technologies to make their coal clean, but that’s a farse, says Cramer, who points out that the technology couldn't be implemented for over a decade. Switching from coal to natural gas, on the other hand, would cut CO2 emissions by 50%.

Fortunately, says Cramer, the natural gas industry is starting to get its act together with an $80 million lobbying effort, and it has more support in the Senate, where the house's latest energy bill is about to be debated.

What are the prospects are for natural gas, an industry with so many enemies?

To answer this, Cramer is bringing in Bob Simpson, the CEO of Cramer's favorite natural gas company, XTO Energy , a company that is involved in the latest efforts to push for a natural gas future. What does he think about the future of Nat gas? Check out the video for the full interview and Simpson's insights.

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