Search Is Only Part of Yahoo Story: CEO Bartz

Now that Yahoo's search deal with Microsoft has been finalized, the next step for the Internet giant is to focus its attention on content, Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz told CNBC.

"[Readers] only spend about 3 percent of their time on the Internet doing search," she said. "The other 97 is being entertained, being informed, communicating with friends ... so that's what Yahoo! is going to do best."

Down the line, Bartz said another important aspect of the company's plan is to organize online content for viewers, and to become the center of their online lives.

Bartz, who ranked eighth on Forbes' Most Powerful Women list, said that although the company has offered readers the option to customize their own page through My Yahoo for some time, only 15 percent of users utilize the service because of the time it takes to personalize their options.

"There still is a need to have very, very good information managed for people," she said. "We want to give people that didn't want to work too hard that real personal experience."