Puma Unveils Bodywear With Strip Show

If an iPhone app is good or crazy, it’s going to get a lot of attention and certainly draw some downloads.

While it’s probably not cool to have the medicinal marijuana locator app on your Apple iPhone, the new iPhone app from Puma has all the ingredients of scoring plenty of viral buzz.

The free app is called the Puma Index and here’s how it works. When the Dow goes up, the models on your iPhone put on their Puma clothes. When the Dow goes down, they start taking their Puma clothes off.

If the market goes down enough, the models strip down all the way to their Puma bodywear, a line extension the company has just launched.

“We’ve seen a lot of branded applications and a lot of them play it too straight down the middle,” said Antonio Bertone, Puma’s chief marketing officer. “We thought that if we could do this right and have models take off clothes when the market was going down, this could really work.”

The app, which will get you a 20 percent discount if you show it at a Puma store, is already available on the iPhone. A web application of the “Puma Index” will launch in a couple of weeks.

Source: Puma

Puma is hoping this will appeal internationally. The models will soon strip to the German (DAX) and Australian (ASX) markets, Bertone said.

As for what would happen if the market started crashing again?

Said Bertone: "They'll be in their bra and underwear having a pillow fight."

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