Mad Mail: Hang On to Huntington Bancshares?

Hello Cramer: I need some help with understanding what to do next with a recommendation you made on Mad Money! Recently you recommended Huntington Bancshares as a buy. Since then it has unfortunately moved down about 10% in a market where many banks continue to fail. However, some of the other banks in this sector have had better moves forward in this same time period at this point. How do you think I play this game in the short term? I sure would love some good old Cramerican advice to help me out! And thanks again for everything you do. I, and the rest of the smart people in the world, appreciate it! --Geoffrey in Colorado

Cramer says: “… The group is in a funk right now. It is going to come roaring back. I stick with HBAN.”


Hey Jim: Great show. I may sometimes have differing opinions, but I typically defer to the expert – you. I have a question about how to extract what part of a stock's rise in value is due to a bull run versus what part is due to better future prospects for a company … Do you ever rethink your position and potentially start buying back into a stock that you've already taken profits from? Thanks for all the advice, past, present and future! --Rodney

Cramer says: “Karen Cramer, when she was on the trading desk with me, explained to me a key rule that I have never forgotten. When I said, ‘I sold that stock 10 points ago. I can’t buy it back,’ you know what she said to me? ‘Do you think it’s going higher?’ And I said, ‘Yeah.’ And she said, ‘We’re buying 100,000 shares.’ OK?”

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