What Investors Should Watch Next Week: Strategists

Alan Valdes, vice president of Hillard Lyons and Peter Andersen, portfolio manager at Congress Asset Management Company shared their insights on where to invest in a low volume environment and what investors should be watching for next week.

Valdes Recommends:

iShares DJ Transportation—"We like it—it’s a safe bet,” Valdes told CNBC. “We think the market’s going to continue to rally at last until the end of the year and this is a transport. Transports have been light lately—they have to participate in a rally—the market can’t rally without the transports.”

Andersen Recommends:

BP —“Recently, they made a giant discovery in the Gulf of Mexico…Analysts are calling this an 'elephant' in the oil industry,” said Andersen of the firm. “They’re projecting that earnings should increase strongly over the next two years so I think it’s a very safe play and it has income to offset the volatility that you might encounter in the stock.”



No immediate information was available for Andersen or Valdes.

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