A Dykstra Twist You Won't Believe

Earlier I reported that Lenny Dykstra's 1986 World Series ring and trophy are being auctionedoff by the Beverly Hills pawn shop which says it loaned the baseball great $75,000 a few months back. Dykstra never reclaimed the items, and so the pawn shop is selling them.

Turns out that on the very day Dykstra walked into the South Wilshire Beverly Jewelry and Loan, a news crew from TV Tokyo just happened to be there doing a story on the suffering local economy. I kid you not.

You can watch the TV Tokyo tape here.

If you go in about three minutes, you'll see Dykstra arrive. He is dubbed over in Japanese, but you hear him talking about the "National League" and later, around 3:53 in, he and owner Yossi Dina talk about his 1986 ring for the Mets.

Adding to the craziness is the Japanese dubbing.

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