CNBC and Credit Suisse launch new series

CNBC, the recognised world leader in business news, today announced that Credit Suisse, one of the world's leading banks, will sponsor a new five-part series. Entitled, Executive Vision, the new program will air in Europe, Asia and the United States starting on 29 September 2009.

Each one-hour episode of the Executive Vision series will explore the art of leadership in an unprecedented way, as CNBC’s Melissa Francis and Simon Hobbs speak with five seasoned CEOs who will each offer new perspectives into the past, present and future of their respective fields.

The series will examine how leaders gain the trust, dedication and admiration from those around them, especially when confronted with the challenges facing them in today’s ever changing world. From catalysing change, to cultivating human capital, and developing a tailored leadership brand, Executive Vision will examine how leaders overcome adversity and succeed.

Credit Suisse will sponsor the series with branded opening and closing billboards and break bumpers around each of the programmes. CNBC will also air 60-second Credit Suisse branded vignettes from the series and also vignettes featuring senior Credit Suisse executives. There will also be a dedicated sponsored programme page for Executive Vision on

The series will be marketed in the US with co-branded advertising in the Wall Street Journal, video billboard advertising in New York’s Times Square and an on-air campaign on Sirius Radio. In Europe, ads will run in CNBC Business magazine.

Paul Maraviglia, Vice President Sales, EMEA at CNBC, said, “We are extremely excited about the launch of Executive Vision, which will bring a dynamic and visionary insight into the world of business, and we are delighted that Credit Suisse has agreed to sponsor the series.”

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