Market Tips: Double Dip May Be Coming Next Year

As the global economy struggles to shake off the worst effects of the recession and return to growth, some analysts think that there is a real risk of the second leg lower.

Double Dip to Hit Next Year

Dodge Dorland, chief investment officer at Landor Capital Management, expects the U.S. economy to have another dip, but it will come into focus only in the first-quarter of next year.

Recession is Technically Over

Technically the recession is over, says Greg Bundy, vice chairman at AIMS Financial Group. He tells CNBC that Fed Chief Ben Bernanke's comments on the economy are fairly accurate.

Tighter Regulation Seen Post-Lehman

Tighter regulation is expected over the next 12 months, says Kevin Curran, head of dealing, Foster Stockbroking.

Market Volatility Ahead

Expect some market volatility in October, says Greg Bundy, vice chairman, Aims Finance. He tells CNBC that it is a great time to buy on dips.

Return of Risk Appetite

Risk appetite is a more important topic for investors following the Lehman collapse and the financial crisis, says Kathy Lien, director of currency research, GFT Forex.

Not Business as Usual

The global banking scene is stabilizing but the industry's structure is undergoing change and it is unlikely to return to the way it operated prior to Lehman's collapse, says Larry Klane, CEO of Korea Exchange Bank.