Home Depot 'Eco Options' Label Aimed at 'Green' Buyers

Home Depot is trying to reach environmentally-friendly business customers and consumers with an "Eco Options" label that it's rolled out in its stores, the retailer's chief financial officer told CNBC Wednesday.

The company currently offers 3,700 "Eco Options" products in its stores. Every product with an Eco Options label, according to the company, has less of an impact on the environment than competing products. These products focus on sustainable forestry, energy efficiency, clean air and water conservation.

In addition to its Eco Options brand, Home Depot recently started a light bulb recycling program.

“Compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs last 10 times longer than your incandescent bulb, but they’ve got mercury inside of them, so you really shouldn’t throw them away,” said Home Depot CFO Carol Tome. "You can bring them back to Home Depot and we’ll recycle them for you.”

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