My Google Trade Now: Web Stock Analyst

Google is going to continue to take share in their core search business and will benefit from several trends, said Heath Terry, media and Internet analyst at FBR Capital Markets.

“Advertising dollars are shifting online and search is going to be the biggest beneficiary of that because it’s the most measurable,” Terry told CNBC.

"There are some areas like YouTube and Mobile that are [also] contributing to Google’s growth.”

Terry said he has an “outperform” rating on Google and said the company has an advantage over its competitors such as Microsoft and Yahoo.

“Bing is a better competitive product than what Microsoft had in the past, but what we’ve seen with these pushes with advertising for a new search engine is that once the advertising dries up, so do these share gains."

"And that’s what we’re going to see for Google as well,” he cautioned.



Terry does not own shares of Google.

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