A Dying American Brand?

Companies can live off brand equity “only so long,” Cramer said during Thursday’s Stop Trading!. Eastman Kodak, it seems, is learning that lesson.

Eastman Kodak is “a force in printers,” Cramer said, but the company competes against a strong Hewlett-Packard in that space. He also doubted whether the latest generation of consumers knows the Eastman name as well as, say, Apple and its iPhone. While private-equity firms may want to look at the printer franchise, Cramer saw little other reason to recommend the stock.

“I don’t want to play Kodak,” Cramer said.

Synovus Financial is “absolutely not” a good bank, Cramer said, but he endorsed buying the stock, though only as a play on the company’s recent secondary offering. A number of less-than-perfect regional outfits have priced their secondaries “advantageously,” and Synovus is no different. If investors could get in under the $4 offering price, “It’s good.”

Genworth Financial is “amazing,” Cramer said, pointing to the company’s resurgence. GNW has climbed back to $13 after trading for less $1. The company held a “terrific offering” at $11.75 to help recapitalize.

“What’s buoyant and bullish about this market is Genworth,” Cramer said.

Lastly, Nucor is up just 9% for the year, and there might be still more room to run. With raw costs coming down and stimulus spending on infrastructure yet to happen, according to CEO Dan DiMicco, Cramer likes the company’s prospects.

“Maybe it’s a buy,” Cramer said of Nucor.

Cramer's charitable trust owns Hewlett-Packard.

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