Companies That Cut Carbon Now Will Profit: Project Leader

Corporations who are seizing the opportunity to cut carbon emissions now, without government regulation, will profit more when regulation is enacted, according to a report released Monday by the Carbon Disclosure Project, an organization that measures companies’ carbon footprint.

“There will be winners and losers at the corporate level in climate change and an increasing number of companies are positioning themselves to be the winners, and that’s going to drive the change faster than the regulation,” said Paul Simpson, the chief operating officer of the Carbon Disclosure Project.

Among some of the leading companies already working towards a low carbon economy include Cisco , Boeing and Consolidated Edison

, according to a report the CDP released Monday. The report consisted of data from 409 corporations with 82 percent of the Global 500 Companies represented.

Currently, the CDP receives climate change strategies and greenhouse gas emissions data from over 2,000 organizations worldwide, according to the CDP’s Web site.

The threat of a future carbon regulation mandate may be one driving force behind the companies’ implementing change and reporting to the CDP, but the potential for profit is an even stronger force, said Simpson.

“These companies are now seeing that the opportunities to deliver products and services that will create the low carbon economy actually has the potential to make immense profit,” said Simpson. “The world needs to see the transition in our energy systems and companies have the technology to do that, and companies that get that right will actually make a lot more money.”

Simpson is not alone in his conclusion that corporations making changes now to meet future’s energy needs will be the most profitable.

President Barack Obama echoed Simpson's words in his speech Mondayin Troy, New York at Hudson Valley Community College, where he spoke about innovation and the economy.

“No area will need innovation more than in the development of new ways to produce and use and save energy,” said Obama. “I firmly believe that the nation that leads the clean energy economy will be the nation that leads the global economy.”