Does Your School Party Hardest on Saturday?

The business of college football is normally Darren Rovell'sdomain. Except he went to Northwestern (which I'm told has a football team) and I went to USC (please, let's not talk about last weekend). So I feel that I'm more of an expert on college football, at least when it comes to college football tailgating. Anyone who has ever camped outside the Coliseum on a Saturday in autumn knows what I mean.

College Tailgate Party
College Tailgate Party

Tailgating is big business for beer, ribs, and grills. Those who do it well are an asset to their schools.

But the Trojan faithful do not make the list of the top 10 tailgating schools, according to Tailgater Monthly.

First, let's consider the fact that there is a publication called Tailgater Monthly.

A one-year subscription costs $14.95. You could buy a 12-pack for that and do your own research. On the magazine's website, ads include a banner at the top of the screen screaming, "Do you Clink N Drink?", selling a fascinating fridge-mounted bottle opener. Other ads sell things like portable beer-pong tables.

But I digress. Here is Tailgater Monthly's 2009list of the best schools for tailgating.

10. University of Colorado: "One of the most naturally beautiful settings in all of tailgating. No matter what the weather, there is a microbrew to fit your situation."

9. University of Georgia: "Tailgating in Athens is as serious as the game itself."

8. University of Washington: "It is an uncommonly cool event to tailgate on the water."

7. University of Alabama: "Bama's faithful arrive almost a week early to set up the perfect spot and to place orders for ribs or sauce from Dream Land or Archibalds."

6. University of Texas: "Not many people have pride in their grilling skills like the people who fill the lots surrounding the DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium."

5. University of Wisconsin: "The fans are loud, the tailgates are massive, and the beer, brats and cheese are in no small quantity."

4. University of Tennessee: "Combining a trip up the Tennessee River with SEC football is an experience that has become a tradition for many of the Volunteer faithful."

3. LSU: "The food here is unlike any other in the world. That, accompanied with the atmosphere of a night game in Death Valley, can give you tailgating memories that will last a lifetime."

2. Penn State: "Great tradition, a constant fan base and a party that sprawls all around the stadium."

1. University of Mississippi: "Simply put, an Ole Miss Saturday in the Grove is tailgating at its finest...the elegant tailgate setups with centerpieces, silverware and a feast as southern as Mississippi."

Vote now for your favorite party school - AND - leave me a comment below on why your school should be on this list. My reason for USC: "We play hard, we party hard. There's nothing like tailgating out of the back of a Porsche."

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