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Beth Goldman

A new CNBC 5-part series, "Executive Vision," will premiere on Tuesday, September 29th at 9PM & 1AM ET on CNBC. The series will air for five consecutive Tuesdays at 9PM and 1AM ET on CNBC.

"Executive Vision," a CNBC five-part series hosted by CNBC's Melissa Francis and Simon Hobbs is an executive strategy session as some of the world's brightest minds gather to tackle the most compelling issues they face in their fields. The series examines how leaders gain the trust, dedication and admiration of all around them as they confront the challenges in today's ever-changing world.

The series explores the art of leadership within five specific industry groups beginning Tuesday, September 29th at 9PM and 1AM ET and for five consecutive Tuesdays at 9PM and 1AM ET on CNBC. "Executive Vision" gets to the heart of what drives some of the world's most successful, courageous, and insightful leaders.

In the premiere episode entitled "The Blueprint for Breakthrough Leadership: Health Care," the series looks at leadership within the health care sector. The world looks to health care's leaders to constantly innovate new solutions to global ills. Each generation demands to live longer and better thanks to advances in the industry. How do leaders respond to this expectation fueling innovation and growing global solutions to worldwide health care challenges? Guests include DR. BILL FRIST, Partner Cressey & Co and Former Senate Majority Leader; BILL GEORGE, Professor of Management, Harvard Business School and Former CEO, Medtronic; JEFFREY KINDLER, Chairman & CEO, Pfizer; GERARD KLEISTERLEE, President & CEO Royal Phillips Electronics; and DAVID SNOW, Chairman & CEO Medco.

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