Ad Execs Cursing 'Tilman the Skateboarding Dog'

Move over Wall Street, there’s a new victim in town: Advertising.

Tillman the skateboarding bulldog
Tillman the skateboarding bulldog

Ad guys up and down Madison Avenue are crying in their martinis, cursing TiVo , Google and Tilman the skateboarding dogfor allowing users to be entertained — without the interference of commercials.

The recession hammered away at the advertising industry, as it usually does, but with the added weight of commercial-skipping devices and user-generated non-ad-supported content, they're feeling the crush.

To illustrate their plight, Terry Kawaja, an investment banker with a knack for a jingle, has turned his talents on Madison Avenue.

You might know him best from his first YouTube sensation,“Wall Street Meltdown.”

In “Mad Avenue Blues,”set to the tune of Don McLean’s “American Pie,” Kawaja (who goes by the pen name L. McDuff) offers a toe-tapping tale of how the rise of digital media has pulled the rug out from traditional advertising.

Kawaja does a masterful job of working wonky business words like “I/O form” and “ROI” into melodic lyrics, while telling a substantive story about how Madison Avenue went from a golf-swinging, fast-car driving club to a victim of the digital revolution.

At 9 min, 21 sec, it's a tad long, but it's clever enough to hold your attention and soon you'll find yourself singing along to the refrain:

Bye Bye those big upfront buys
Pitched my client who was pliant
But the pitch didn’t fly
And old ad boys were drinking martinis dry
Singing “Tech has taken us for a ride.”
Algorithms got me cross-eyed.

It's smart. It's funny. And in case you missed the irony — It's on YouTube.

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