Know Your Porsche, Know Your School and Know That Moveon.Org Isn't Funny - Your Emails

Some of you commented directly on the blog about Tailgater Monthly'slist of the best colleges for pre-game partying. Many of you sent emails instead.

Here they are, along with responses to other blogs this week:

James P: I submit UVA as a top tailgate school...Of course, the drinking aspect of tailgating has been well chronicled at UVA (legend has it that Playboy Magazine once omitted them from its ranking of top party colleges under the condition that professionals were not eligible for consideration), the food not so much (let's face it, after five or six drinks you really don't care what you eat...). But what I admire most about the Cavalier fans is their relentless party spirit even though they know, deep down, that once again their team is going to let them down when it matters most. It's easy to be a rabid fan for a national champion, but much tougher when your team is a perennial choker. Go Hoos!"

JDK: "OU for sure (Ohio University). Athens is a party. Tailgate (or whatever), watch the first half, then the finest band in the land (as the football team is not), "The Marching 110", but, wait, no need to watch the second half. It's 'Uptown' for more alcohol…"

From Catherine: "The University of Nebraska has a parking lot for tailgate parties next to Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, Nebraska...Huskers have VERY loyal fans. Memorial Stadium is going to be celebrating 300 consecutive ticket sellout games..."

Anonymous points out that my comment about tailgating at USC is great because you can party out the back of a Porsche is yet another sign of my ignorance: "Any Porsche 911 owner knows that is impossible. The 911 has the 'trunk' in the front and the engine in the back."

RS: I agree with Jane Wells. Tailgating out of the back of an imported exotic is quite the Southern California past time. I encourage all Americans to do it...There is nothing like the idyllic moments of Southern California in the Fall and Winter."

JC writes about the other USC: "South Carolina Gamecocks have their own rail road...check it out. Tens of thousands tailgate every game, even the spring game."

Kelly W.: "I came to Penn State in 1986…and stayed. I made State College my home and one of the reasons was that, year after year, I am guaranteed mini-reunions with my alumni friends. Folks who, were it not for the tailgate tradition, I might not have even met in school, are still my best friends lo these 20+ years later. Thousands tailgate even though they don't go into the game! Come early - stay late. We Are! Penn State!"

Amanda R. also raves about Penn State: "My parents live in Florida, until August!! They arrive in their RV and stay until October. Tailgating for 3 months. Now THAT is a tailgate!"

Dave M.: "Obviously, you have never been to an Ohio State night game. Go Bucks!!!"

John O.: "Tailgating at Clemson is not only an art-form, it is a study in how/why college football is the greatest sport in America. If you ever come to the campus for a football game, you will see miles of cars and mobile homes side by side tailgating. While the visual is impressive, what you will experience is a hospitality unmatched by any other school in the country. Clemson fans are passionate about their football, but are more passionate about presenting our great university as a place that welcomes visitors..."

Jeff M.: "I'd recommend adding the Service Academies to the list. Saturdays of home games start with a parade by at least half of the Cadets / Middies. All three Academies have picturesque settings with a tremendous amount of history and many nooks and crannies in which to fire up a grill and then walk to the game. I'm partial to West Point as I graduated from there in '96 (our football team was ranked for a time that year and then again in '97)...but I'd say all three do deserve mention...GO ARMY, BEAT NAVY (and Air Force)!"

Steve B.: "No University of Montana? Missoula sits in the hub of the 5 valleys surrounded by mountains & wilderness areas. A stadium that seats over 26,000 rowdy liquored up fans. Known as the loudest stadium in the FCS division and the hardest to win in if you're the visitors. It also has the Clark Fork River flowing next to the stadium. The tailgating is unbelievable in Big Sky Country...furthermore, I believe Montana still does lead the nation in beer consumption per capita."

Gyro nominates St. Mary's University-San Antonio, Texas: "Ok, so we don't have a football team at the moment. When we did, Dwight Eisenhower was an assistant coach. Think of it this way. We have our choice of restaurants to tailgate in every Saturday when the Birthers or Re-Birthers are battling mosquitoes, cholesterol and drunks. Also no traffic jams to navigate or being 87th in line for the potty."

Regarding the blog this week about sponsoring a Will Ferrell PSAparody about insurance executives, Laura J. writes: "It doesn't matter if Will Ferrell is funny. is a scary organization that preys on people who are unable or too lazy to think about the practical consequences of policy. I would like a business site such as to focus on the what the healthcare proposals actually say...Driving people to is not a good start."

Chip O.: "Not funny and very misleading. Better ways to spend your time..."

Bill H. wrote about the blog on motivational speakers: "Love your writing and your overall communication skills. Don't love meetings. Even the most motivational, most inspirational meetings lack power. At best, it seems the uplifting last about three weeks. Then, it's back to whatever is normal."

Finally, William A. reminded me that the Web site, can be very funny.

Here's one of my recent faves:


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