Mad Mail: What's the Best Mobile Internet Play?

Jim: It is hard not to get excited about the mega mobile Internet tsunamithat is upon us. Which companies do you think would be the stronger players? Will it be companies in the transactional business such as Visa or Western Union , banks such as Wells Fargo, or the wireless carriers such as AT&T that will lead the way? I know I speak for millions when I say thank you for your dedication to the show and your pursuit to both educate and entertain us. --Mike in Nebraska

Cramer says: “I believe that Apple’s the number-one player. And I believe that AT&T is the safety play.”


Jim: Thanks for informing and inspiring the small investor! I watch your show everyday and find your insight helpful and entertaining. Quick question: if the job news on Friday is poor, which industry sector will be hit the hardest in their stock prices? -- David in Texas

Cramer says: “It’ll be the banks. The banks will get hammered. That’s where we need to see the employment best. Because they’re levered only to America, not China. So you’ll have to sell the banks if we get a bad number on Friday. Bad meaning a lot of jobs lost.”

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