Lenny Dykstra, Attorney at Law?

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Tomorrow, Heritage Auctionswill be selling Lenny Dykstra's World Series ring, his trophy, and other items he pawned a few months ago but never reclaimed.

You can already bid online here.

As I earlier reported, the proceeds of the auction will not go to the famous investor and former baseball player. Instead, profits will go to the pawn shop, which tells me it loaned Dykstra $75,000, and, with interest, he owes over $100,000. Pawn shop owner Yossi Dina does not expect to recoup that entire amount. Also, as first reported on this blog, a Japanese TV crew happened to be in the pawn shop the day Dykstra walked in. What timing!

Now I've learned that Lenny Dykstra is representing himself in his Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings.

In a form filed with the court, he said that veteran bankruptcy attorney Jon Hayes is no longer his lawyer. In fact, no one is in the case. Did the two have a falling out? Was Dykstra unable to pay? Was there a conflict of interest, as more lawyers join the case (including those representing Dykstra's estranged wife).

Calls and emails to Hayes were not returned.

Dykstra's whereabouts are hard to determine at the moment, as the Trustee appointed to manage his bankruptcy case has barred Dykstra from entering either of his homes inside the gates at Sherwood Country Club. The smaller mansion, not the one he bought from Wayne Gretzky, is finally for sale. It was highlighted in this week's Los Angeles Times, but the article failed to mention that the home allegedly has a serious mold problem. Fireman's Fund has set aside $500,000 to fix it, but Dykstra and his wife have been fighting over who should sign the checks.

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