Chirac’s Dog too Depressed for Paris

Former French President Jacques Chirac sent his dog to a farm in the French countryside after it was unable to cope with life after the presidential palace, according to media reports.

Chirac’s dog Sumo, a Maltese Bichon terrier, started biting the former head of state after moving to a Paris apartment.

Sumo was treated for depression, but was unhappy after leaving the spacious gardens of the Palace Elysee.

The dog bit Chirac twice in past, but after jumping up and biting him on the chest, Chirac and his wife Bernadette decided the dog would be better off outside the city.

"He just never came to terms with leaving the Elysee," Bernadette Chirac said, according to Le Parisien newspaper. "He was just little, he was a newborn and after some time, he started getting depressed in that apartment."

The dog is now with family friends and hasn’t attacked anyone since leaving Paris.