Cramer: The Wrong Stocks Are 'Roaring'

Investors already seem to have forgotten Friday’s terrible job number. The stocks that depend on a strong economy have been “roaring” on Monday, Cramer said during Stop Trading!.

“Employment does drive these kinds of companies,” he said, “and employment’s bad.”

Cramer pointed to the action in FedEx , whose delivery business is often used as a gauge of economic strength. FDX was up about $1.50, or 2%, in Monday trading. He called the move "wrong."

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Caterpillar announced price increases for 2010, again, something Cramer wouldn’t have expected given the economy. But the fact that CAT can raise, he said, indicates we’re “too United States centric.”

“The rest of the world is recovering faster than we are,” Cramer said. “Otherwise CAT would never be able to put thru these price increases.”


Bucyrus International , another machinery stock, has enjoyed a bump as well, thanks to CAT’s announcement. BUCY was up $1.44, or 4.4%, on Monday.

Joy Global saw an increase during the week’s first day of trading, though Cramer credited the company’s exposure to China for that move. As much as China has promised to “go green” over the longer term, the country will be forced to dig coal to meet its energy needs.

“That’s what you use Joy for,” Cramer said.

Goldman Sachs today recommended the big banks over regional outfits, saying the former’s valuation seemed off given their earnings power. That to Cramer was a green light to buy Wells Fargo , given that we’re in earnings season now. He said that Goldman probably knows the WFC quarter will be good.

Lastly, Cramer expected Brocade Communications Systems , after putting itself up for sale, to get a lot of attention from the likes of Hewlett-Packard , IBM and Oracle . All three of these firms want to compete with Cisco Systems , and buying Brocade would allow them to do that.

“So I think this thing is going to go for a much higher price,” Cramer said.

Cramer's charitable trust owns Cisco Systems, Hewlett-Packard and Wells Fargo.

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