Mad Mail: Which Mobile Internet Stock Is Best?

Mr. Cramer: Do you think the Goldman Sachs analyst that covers Apple is dragging his feet before he upgrades the price target in order to increase the chance of buying at a lower price? --Gerry

Cramer says: “No, there’s 35 buy recommendations of Apple. He really doesn’t matter.”

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Hey Jim!: Love the show. I just wanted to ask about Electronic Arts. I see it’s close to its 52-week low, but I’ve seen a lot of apps coming out for the iPhone in the last two months. Could this be a new, large source of revenue for them? Thanks to you and your staff for all the work! --Todd


Cramer says: “I don’t want to be in ERTS, and I don’t want to be in the gaming business. I think the gaming business has peaked. I don’t think there’s any growth there. So I say no on ERTS. I’d rather see you in Apple, or Google .”


Jim: I just started watching your show and getting serious about the market this summer. I bought two of your books and I have pre-ordered your new book, Getting Back To Even. Can you explain what goodwill on a balance sheet means? I took a personal finance course in college back in the 1970s and it taught us to avoid any company with more than $1 in goodwill. Now all companies seem to have large amounts listed. Should we just subtract this out of the assets? Thank you for providing us a system to make money in the market. You are the best! --Rich from North Carolina

Cramer says: “That’s a good way to do it. Actually, I would subtract it. Now remember, we’re not doctrinaire about good will. There are a lot of company that have made good acquisitions, and you’re going to end up hating a company that made a good acquisition simply because there’s goodwill involved. You don’t want to do that. Let’s look at the [GAAP] earnings per share. That will still solve it.”


Jim:Starbucks released its new product Via, which I believe the company is dead on with as they are targeting the home coffee brewers. However I'm not sure if this product is really going to change the company's performance in this economy. What do you think? --Jason in Pennsylvania

Cramer says: “Because of bookkeeping, it will inflate the quarter. That’s not a bad thing. But because of the stock in, what you’ll see is a higher number than you’d expect for Starbucks.”


Booyah Cramer!: Thanks for all that you and your staff do. I can't wait for the new book! I love the way you make investing seem so basic, yet go above and beyond any advice I have received from other books. Because of you, I decided to play along for the first time last October, and recently I sold most of my discretionary portfolio for a 37% gain overall. I am only 25, and I want to put some of my profits in the best speculative home run opportunities in your mobile Internet thesis. After doing the homework, would I be better off going with some of your speculative tower picks, or should I stick to some of the more basic chip and handset makers? --Garen in Texas

Cramer says: “Start with Apple. Then you can do some others, like an RF Micro or a Skyworks .”

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