Mad Mail: Metals Mania

A caller during Tuesday’s Visa segment stumped Cramer with Heartland Payment Systems . So he did the research and returned with a call during Wednesday’s show.

Heartland Payment is a credit and debit processing-services firm, which also handles payroll and check management for all kinds of merchants. While the industry as a whole is bottoming, a security breach at Heartland in late 2008 is still a big problem for the company. It could be liable for the breach, and we don’t yet know how much it will cost.


That’s why Cramer called this “pure speculation.” Until investors know the extent of those liabilities, he can’t get behind Heartland.


Dear Jim: You always seem bullish on Verizon. I know it has a good dividend, but the stock value never seems to move much ... I have owned it for several years and am hoping it may claw its way back up. Do you think it has much hope, or should I just sell and buy something else with more tsunami potential? --Martin in Massachusetts

Cramer says: “If you want tsunami potential, it is not the stock to own … Apple is a better stock to own in this situation. Tessera Tech, that’s a better way. What I like about Verizon is I do like the yield. They’re paying you to wait for when the corporate business turns around. In the meantime, I think it’s well run. I’ve been saying either Verizon or AT&T for that good yield. And when things get better in the economy, they will go up. But neither is a good tsunami play versus Apple.”


Hi Jim: My question is about metals. Gold, crazy high. Silver, on the rise. If you believe analyst projections, copper is the next hidden gem in metals. But, it’s been wrong before. So what do you think about investing in Copper, and how should we do it? Thank you for all your insight. Looking forward to hearing your response! --Carolyn in Massachusetts

Cramer says: “Copper is purely an economic play, particularly a Chinese play. Thirty percent of the copper in this world is used by China … If you think China’s going to continue to be strong, then you should own Freeport-McMoRan. That’s the best copper play. I don’t at this level want to own it. I’d like to wait for a pullback.”


Cramer: First off, I'd just like to say you are great! I have all your books and I just keep reading them over and over to really drive your teachings home. I've pre-ordered your new book already and I look forward to adding it to the reading rotation. In Watch TV Get Rich you stated how Latin America is always a trade because that's how the big guys view it. Does that still hold true? Thanks and keep up the energy! --Mark

Cramer says: “It sure did. Once again, Latin America got much harder hit than the rest of the world. It bounced back faster, which is terrific. One of the reasons why I’ve been saying Banco Santander is good.”

Cramer's charitable trust owns Visa.

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