Some Safe Bets in China, South Korea and India

Look to invest in hot growth spots in Asia such as China's oil refiners and wind power firms, as the region's economy will see a stronger recovery compared to the rest of the world, said Philip Niem, head of Asia discretionary portfolio management at Barclays Wealth.

"Interest rates are going to stay lower for a relatively long period of time so global investors will be looking to invest in growth areas. And Asia does stand out which should make it a relative out-performer, compared to other equity markets around the world," he explained on CNBC Asia Pacific's "Protect Your Wealth".

Niem said China's oil refiners and wind power firms are part of the long-term structural theme on the mainland, saying that China's appetite for resources to oil its growth engine is raising the emphasis on wind as an alternative form of clean energy.

"We think that companies leading this field should make good investments, particularly as the sector has been corrected by 20 percent or so recently, due to some comments about over-capacity within the industry," he said.

South Korean ship builders rank high on Niem's buy-list as safe bets as well. Niem believes they will benefit from growth in global trade and energy demand in the recovery story.

"The big Korean ship builders are also experts at providing drill ships for the offshore oil industry and also the LNG industry. We do see a pick up in these areas with the increasing demand for energy, clean energy, in the form of LNG from the Asian economies," he said.

Niem also sees significant potential in financial assets in India, saying he is bullish in the long-term on that sector.

"We think that as the Indian economy grows, the financial sector will grow even faster. We like the state-owned banks, because we think that they are safer than the private sector banks...and they (have) better valuation."

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