Nucor CEO: ‘Real Crisis Is Jobs’

When Cramer wants an accurate take on the economy, he turns to Dan DiMicco. So when Alcoa reported a surprisingly good quarter and jobless claims came in better than expected, the Mad Money host kept his bullish nature in check until he talked to the Nucor CEO.

See, Cramer has two concerns: the US economy and the domestic steel industry. In past recoveries, job creation was underway by this point in the cycle, but that’s not happening now. No jobs, no recovery. Also, US steel is lagging. A dearth of inventory has allowed in foreign competition to fill the gap. As a result, we’ve gone from an exporter of the commodity to an importer.

But DiMicco “has a better handle on both issues than just about anyone else in America,” Cramer said Thursday. That’s why he is constantly invited back to the show. Watch the video for his take on these crucial issues.

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