Cramer: What Really Drove September Retail Sales

“eBay could revolutionize the Florida real estate market,” Cramer said during Thursday’s Stop Trading!.

Beginning in January, a report said, the Sunshine State’s foreclosed property will be sellable on eBay. Cramer called the move “very positive,” for banks that need to unload properties, Florida as a whole and eBay .

This is “a way out of some of the mess,” Cramer said.


In retail, most companies reported better-than-expected September sales numbers, but Cramer found reason to keep the resultant enthusiasm in check. JP Morgan’s Michael Cembalest has said that government spending is a big reason the sector has performed so well.

“I think the consumer’s back,” Cramer said. “But also I do not want to underestimate how much money’s coming from governments worldwide that’s pumping up spending.”

Regardless, though, spending is spending, Cramer said, and stores are seeing the benefit of it. September sales at Kohl’s , which the Mad Money host called a buy, jumped 5.5%, a significant increase over the 0.1% expected. Also confirming the trend were Ross Stores , J.C. Penney and Nordstrom , all of which did well.

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