The next episode of CNBC's "Executive Vision" airs Tuesday, Oct. 13th at 9PM & 1AM ET


The next episode of CNBC's 5-part primetime global series, "Executive Vision,"(episode 3) airs Tuesday, Oct. 13th at 9PM & 1AM ET on CNBC.

"Executive Vision," a CNBC five-part series hosted by CNBC's Melissa Francis and Simon Hobbsand sponsored by Credit Suisse, is an executive strategy session as some of the world's brightest minds gather to tackle the most compelling issues they face in their fields. The series examines how leaders gain the trust, dedication and admiration of all around them as they confront the challenges in today's ever-changing world.

The series explores the art of leadership within five specific industry groups and gets to the heart of what drives some of the world's most successful, courageous, and insightful leaders.

In this episode entitled "Building A Global Leadership Brand: Technology," the series looks at leadership within the technology sector. How do top executives in technology steer their companies through an increasingly crowded marketplace in a world where innovation is a key to survival? How do they cope with the consequences of disruptive innovation and the new consumer? We explore those questions and more in a rich discussion with tech's greatest leaders. Guests include DR. JEAN BOTTI, Chief Technical Officer - EADS; MARISSA MAYER, Vice President, Search Products & User Experience, Google; BILL MCDERMOTT, President of Global Field Operations, SAP; GERALD QUINDLEN, President & CEO, Logitech; RAM SHRIRAM, Founder, Sherpalo Ventures; and JIMMY WALES, Founder, Wikipedia.

"Executive Vision" airs for five consecutive Tuesdays beginning Tuesday, September 29th at 9PM and 1AM ET on CNBC.

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