A Super Freak Weekend and Book

Rick James
Rick James
Rick James

I’m going to be channeling my inner Rick James this weekend.

I just opened my mail and - Christmas has come early to Bullish!

I just got my copy of a book I’ve been so excited to read, “SUPER FREAKONOMICS Global Cooling, Patriotic Prostitutes and why Suicide Bombers Should Buy Life Insurance.”

It’s the follow up to Freakonomics by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner.

According to the press release included in my free review copy (did that for the FTC), a few of the "astonishing findings" in SUPERFREAKONOMICSinclude:

Super Freakonomics
Super Freakonomics
Super Freakonomics
  • Why the automobile actually saved the environment - for a while
  • How the relative-age effect translates to a person’s potential to become a Major League Baseball player... in other words, your birthday matters more than you think
  • Why a prostitute might turn down a $1 million offer - and it has nothing to do with sex
  • How a single mountain in the Philippines has had a greater impact on global warming than Al Gore
  • Why we should only believe a doctor who says he/she has washed their hands oh, only about 9 percent of the time

And so much more …

As Rick James would say, "She’s a very kinky girl …"

Go ahead - watch, sing and dance away - it's Friday.

Hope you find your own great book this weekend.

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