Bad Analysts, Fake Drinks, Fat Food-Your Emails

A little bit of everything in the ol' email inbox this week.

Pete P. wrote about the blog on Goldman Sachs "upgrading" its rating of Northrop Grumman from Conviction Sell to...Sell: "Ridiculing analysts is typically like shooting fish in a barrel...but your take on this very clever."

George F. wrote about the mystery of the NoHo labels covering the can of Red Bull: "I was a beverage executive for many years and find all of the hype on brands like this to be amusing...the reality is that very few brands being introduced have staying power. As costs to promote new brands rise, and retailers say 'no' to new products due to being burned once too often, brands like NOHO shall pass. What is missing is TRUE innovation from a beverage company that has clout…think Coke or Pepsi. Once one of the giants breaks through, then you will have something to write about but don't look for anything soon."

Regarding the blog about hog farmers squealing over H1N1being referred to as "swine flu", Tim A. writes: "Poor pigs got blindsided... Never knew what hit 'em."

Jimmy wrote about the fat police failing: "Of course fast food isn't as culpable as other dine-in restaurants when considering fat and caloric intake. I'm sure you have heard of 'all you can eat pasta bowls' at the Olive Garden. Moreover, how many people get dessert at McDonald's with their meal, versus a pie or cake at the Cheesecake Factory. Lol, for crying out loud, the Cheesecake Factory just sounds fattening! When someone says 'Wendy's' it either conjures up bad memories of my ex-girlfriend or a side salad. Finally, I haven't seen too many steps taken by the Olive Gardens and Cheesecake Factories as far as healthy food is concerned. Grilled chicken (KFC), premium salads (Wendy's), and the abolition of trans fats (almost all of the fast food chains) should be enough proof in the pudding. Yummy, pudding does sound good right now, though!"

A couple emails about the $1.1 million Sarah Palin Xbox.

From Doug F: "Is a free moose hunting game included?"

Mike N. thinks maybe I should autograph something! "If anyone wants their item to increase in value by adding a signature to it, heed this advice. The queen diva to turn to is none other than, CNBC's Jane Wells. She will turn anything into gold with a swift of the pen!"


Steve O. wrote in about Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong'splans to use $1 billion of his own fortune to build a medical information super highway: "Great to see growing interest in improving US health. Not sure Patrick realizes that there are many companies who have worked on a 'medical information superhighway' for quite awhile now. Some companies even demoed working prototypes involving doctors and hospitals to US Health & Human Services in 2007."

Chris G. writes that I wasn't completely stupid when I suggested you could tailgate out of the back of a Porsche (a previous reader pointed out that the trunk on a 911 is in the front, not the back): "You're not so ignorant after all can indeed party out of the back of a Porsche, just not a 911. You can effectively use the 'boot' of any number of Porsche models starting with the aged 914, 924, 928, 944, 962 and continuing to more modern day iron like the Boxster and Caymen."

Bob read the blog about Lenny Dykstra's World Seriesmemorabilia being auctioned, and then went back to watch my original interview with him last summer: "Please Jane. You couldn't even ask Lenny one tough question during your interview. Maybe, Like Lenny how do you make a 110 profitable trades in a row? Jane, you sad."

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