Playing Defense – for Profit

When the market takes a hit, Cramer said Monday, investors should look to secular themes that work regardless. The mobile Internet is just one trend. The continued growth in smartphones supersedes any economic volatility. Put simply, people want voice, data and video capabilities no further than an arm’s length away.

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Another sector that’s revving up, even though the economy is taking its time, is homeland security, to which Cramer dedicated Mad Money this week. The US government spends billions and billions of dollars protecting its shores, and that money is put to use regardless of retail sales, inflation or the jobs report.


But Cramer wanted investors to focus on more than just missiles and tanks. Instead, he thought there was money to be made in the nuts and bolts of national defense, such as detection systems. What better way to keep the country safe than catching threats as they cross America’s borders?

This involves scanners used in ports of entry. Specifically, X-rays that detect explosives, drugs and other smuggled goods. The US market for X-ray scanners that spot bombs alone is worth $370 million, and it’s growing at a rate of 12% to $735 million by 2014. The total market opportunity for all kinds of detention is closer to $2 billion.

What’s the best way to play the trend? American Sciences and Engineering , Cramer said. Watch the video for his full report.

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