Revenge of the Hollywood Temp

You think Lloyd has a rough time on "Entourage"? At least he's not a temp. You saw how Ari treated those people after Lloyd left.

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Rex Lee

However, revenge is sweet, especially in Hollywood, and temps have found their voice in a blog called The Temp Diaries, purportedly written by one of their own. The blog is based on the premise that temps "are completely disposable", and treated as such (though the writer also points out "WARNING: BLOG MAY CONTAIN TYPOS"—maybe that's why you're a temp?).

So who in Hollywood treats "the little people" poorly? The blog has just released this year's "Brown List" of The Most and Least Liked Entertainment Executives in Tinsletown.

More than twelve hundred voters submitted names, but since people could anonymously submit the same name multiple times, this isn't exactly a scientific assessment.

In the least liked category, coming in first place is Randall Emmett of Family Room Entertainment. He received 42 votes, far ahead of second place winner Jason Lust, VP of Feature Development for the Jim Henson Co. (the Muppets hate their master?). I've never heard of Emmett. Neither had the blogger, who wrote that, "After looking at his credits (The Wicker Man, 88 Minutes) I can see why you might dislike him. The average domestic take for those films—which starred Nicolas Cage and Al Pacino respectively—was a paltry $20 million. Eeek."

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Number three on the least liked list is Jeff Arkuss at 20th Century Fox , followed by notoriously volatile producer Scott Rudin and agent Brent Morley, who reps Dustin Hoffman and Sasha Baron Cohen. The rest of the list is made up of the usual suspects, including some current and former executives at CNBC parent NBC Universal. The Brown List points out a few interesting discrepancies, like, "Harvey and Bob Weinstein didn't get an equal number of nominations even though they are co-Chairman at TWC. Harvey got 8. Bob only got 3". Anyone surprised?

As for the MOST liked executives in Hollywood, coming in first place is someone from a videogame company—James Waugh, story developer and writer at Blizzard Entertainment, a firm famous for developing World of Warcraft. Once again in second place is someone from the Jim Henson Co.—Joe LeFavi, a director of development. Third is a tie between Luke Ryan, senior VP at MGM, and Michael Fisk, VP of digital marketing at Sony Pictures . Three people tied for fourth—Greg Silverman at Warner Bros., Holly Bario at DreamWorks, and Jonathan Eirich at DreamWorks. Seven people tied for fifth, with the biggest names including Kim Roth at Imagine Entertainment, Mike Paseornek of Lions Gate , and Ron Meyer of Universal Studios Group (part of our parent company GE ).

Some notes: Disney CEO Bob Iger got two votes as most liked, but so did the man he recently let go, Dick Cook. Agent Ari Emanuel ended up on both the most and least liked lists, with two votes for him and six votes against. Stephen Colbert got one vote as most liked, while Jon Stewart got one as least liked. The blogger suspects Colbert cast both votes. There was also one vote on the least liked list for "Everyone at 20th Century Fox" and another for "99 percent of all agents".

As for the list's impact? "It'd also be neat if it shames certain executives into cleaning up their act. However, I doubt that will happen."

See the whole list here

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