Greenwich Roundtable on Equity, Inflation & More

A look inside alternative investment's, the Greenwich Roundtable.

Greenwich Roundtable: Secret Society?

“We are not necessarily a secret society, but our board has said ‘we’ve got a good thing going; let’s keep it to ourselves.” If you’re making money, you don’t necessarily want to broadcast that to the world. Who are we? We’re a non-for profit research and education company. And what we’re in the business of doing is finding the managers who can influence the outcome of the investment—legally and ethically of course—but also managers who can find efficient sources of pricing.”

- Steve McMenamin, executive director of the Greenwich Roundtable

Equities to Move Higher or Lower?

“It would be easy to point out that equity has gone up a lot and yet we still have 10 percent employment, roughly. So, is it possible that equities are over priced? Certainly.”

- Ken Tropin, Graham Capital Management

Liquidity vs. Inflation

“Obviously liquidity is coming back to the markets. We’re seeing transactions now that we didn’t see before…Can the Fed eliminate this excess liquidity in the system? And thereby prevent us from having inflation down the road?”

- Myron Scholes, 1997 Nobel Laureate- Economics

Recession's Effect on Philanthropy

“There’s about a billion people a year that go to bed hungry and there’s about 2 billion people on top of that that are malnourished or undernourished in some form. That’s about half of the world population. So I think it’s very easy to forget in this environment, when we live in a country with so many luxuries, to forget how tough it is for so many people.”

- Howard Buffett, Howard G. Buffett Foundation president

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