Team Picks Flying Squirrels Over Hush Puppies

Earlier this month, the newest minor league team in Richmond, Va., allowed us to submit one name as a finalist in naming its team.We received over 9,000 submissions and agreed that reader Jeff Dunn’s submission of Hush Puppies gave us our best chance over the other names that had been selected by the community.

After we announced our pick, the community groaned, saying that although a hush puppy was a southern treat, it’s actually a hard find in Richmond.

“What is your mascot going to be a fried ball?” asked one reader. “Yes,” we replied. Another reader, who described himself as obese, actually volunteered to be the Hush Puppy himself.

But we knew it was a long shot. Yesterday, the team announced to the community that the team name was going to be the Richmond Flying Squirrels.

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I think it’s a good choice and will allow for some incredible logo opportunities, especially since the guys charged with building that logo are from Plan B. Branding. They’re the geniuses behind some of the great minor league logos like the Clearwater Threshers and the Swing of the Quad Cities. We hope to check back in with those guys to see how the logo comes together.

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