Cramer: Next Week Is All About Apple

“Your game plan [next] week is to buy Apple weakness on Tuesday morning,” Cramer said during Mad Money.

How could there be weakness in this seemingly unstoppable stock? Well, apparently there were some production issues with the iPhone this quarter, and a lot of investors don’t yet know about them. But with more and more people realizing, as Cramer has all along, that the mobile Internet is a huge growth trend and Apple is at its center, they’re going to want to know about handset sales. That means the analysts that love the stock could turn temporarily sour on it when Apple reports earnings on Tuesday.

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The good news, though, is that the production issue was solved at the end of the third quarter, Cramer said, “meaning that the fourth quarter could be huge.” Investors need to act quickly, though, as AT&T reports on Thursday. The company could follow Apple’s quarter with positive comments about the iPhone and that would push AAPL right back up.


“All other data points in next week’s game [plan], frankly, are dwarfed by this Apple trade,” Cramer said, “and it is a trade. I want you in it.”

What are the other data points that Cramer was talking about? Earnings from Boeing , Huntington Bancshares , Caterpillar , Coke and more. Watch the video for his full report.

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