Opportunities in Small Caps: Stock Picker

Stocks moved higher on Monday, despite a wobbly start. Where should investors look to put their money? Sam Dedio, portfolio manager of the Artio Small Cap Fund, which is up almost 70 percent this year, shared his small cap stock picks.

“We found a lot of different companies in multiple industries—we really strive to stay diversified across multiple sectors,” Dedio told CNBC. (Scroll down to see his full stock recommendations.)

“Some of the best opportunities that we founds were companies that had debt on the balance sheet that had to have some restructuring or workouts with some of the debt covenants they had with their lenders.”

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Dedio said he has been “overweight” technology since last fall, but has gradually reduced. Meanwhile, he is “underweight” financials, but still has higher weighting than the average small cap growth manager. He is also adding to financials, industrials and health care sectors and said he generally avoids the utilities.

Dedio’s Stock Picks:


Myriad Genetics

Integrated Device Tech


Titan Machinery

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Dedio owns shares of the Artio U.S. Small Cap Fund, which owns shares of MCHP, MYGN, IDTI, MRT and TITN.