H1N1: The Sequel

Quick update on the H1N1 situation at home, and also I wanted to provide some useful links for those of you concerned about the oncoming flu wave (especially parents).

My son woke up this morning with no fever and no pain, but still coughing a little. We're working on how to cough into one's sleeve. He wanted to go to school today "because I have a presentation I HAVE TO DO IN ENGLISH!" I told him, "Believe me, when your teacher finds out why you're home, it won't be a problem." "You don't know her!" "Let me email her directly."


Sure enough, after I emailed her and explained that he was home due to H1N1, she wrote back that he could stay home as long as he'd like. She probably wouldn't mind if he's absent until 2012.

For those of you with questions on what to do during H1N1, here's some helpful advice from the CDC.

Meantime, my sister works in health care in a rural area of Northern California, and she says she's seen mostly adults diagnosed with H1N1. She says her experience is different than the one my son (and possibly my daughter) went through. "Much more sudden onset," she says. The patient "feels like they're coming down with something and six hours later, boom--they're down ... Also often headache--sometimes severe--at onset." That reminded me that my son did complain of "a bad headache" Thursday.

Here is info about H1N1 and the vaccine which healthcare professionals in her area are handing out.

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