Small, Mid-Caps Poised to Ride the Recovery

Small and mid-cap U.S. stocks are set to rise more than the broader market, said Manpreet Gill, Asia strategist at Barclays Wealth.

"Small caps are usually traditionals of recovery plays -- they're high beta plays," he said on CNBC Asia Pacific's Protect Your Wealth.

"Compare with how that part of the market has performed in past recoveries, the smaller mid-cap segment has really lagged past behavior in past recoveries," Manpreet said.

If you position yourself where equity sectors are more cyclical, you find a larger concentration of those within the small mid cap sector, he added.

That, combined with the fact that we believe we are in for a global economic recovery, even if it's a relatively more moderate one, suggests we should really look at sectors that are still lagging.

"(That's why) we think U.S. small, mid cap are one part of the market that we think is lagging and we believe is an area that investors should be focusing on."

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