The Catalyst That Could Push Yahoo Shares Higher: Senior Analyst

Yahoo shares are up after the Internet company reported its profit more than tripled in the third quarter. But the stock's real potential to move depends on what CEO Carol Bartz announces at an upcoming analyst meeting, said Steve Weinstein, senior analyst at Pacific Crest Securities.

"I think we'll get a much better feel for how they want to run the company [and] how they're going to implement some of the things they've been talking about over the last year," he said.

Weinstein said the key takeaway from Yahoo and Google's earnings reports is that the online advertising market has stabilized, and it will likely start to turn positive heading into the fourth quarter.

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"The next question you ask yourself is, well, how is this company positioned to really benefit from that improving trend?" he said. "I think if they do a good job at that, that'll be a catalyst."

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Though eBay shares have risen in the wake of Yahoo's results, Weinstein said the online retailer likely won't see much additional upside in the immediate term. The company's management has already been vocal about its strong quarter, and it has already already been factored into the stock's price.

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