Microsoft Should Fear This Rival: Tech Experts

Microsoft launched its newest software program—Windows 7—on Thursday, aiming to win back customers and strengthen its grip on the PC market. So will the new operating system roll a "lucky 7" for the software giant? Katherine Egbert, tech analyst at Jeffries & Co., and Molly Wood, executive editor at, shared their views.

“Things got so bad with Vista in terms of reputation that it was beyond how good or bad the operating system was,” Wood told CNBC.

“People have a serious trust problem with Microsoft. I think Windows 7 does have good early reviews but it’s really going to depend on how this operating system performs in the long-run.”

Wood said Microsoft should be “a little bit worried” about Google — more so than of Apple .

“They probably should be worried about Apple because of what Apple has in terms of mind share*,” she said. “But I think that Microsoft is looking at the power that Google has in the marketplace, the money and that’s where they want to be.”

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Egbert said the new Windows 7 should help the company’s stock, but agreed that Google poses a threat to Microsoft.

“We estimate [Windows 7] could add over $2 billion in revenue over the next fiscal year or so, about half of that coming from an organic market expansion—meaning new PC sales, particularly in emerging markets,” she said.

Egbert has a “buy” rating on Microsoft and a price target of $29. The company is scheduled to report its fiscal first quarter earnings on Friday morning.

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*Mind share: "consumer awareness"

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