Bad Santa, Bad Halloween, Bad California, And Bad Bad Flu--Your Emails

I get the best emails. Let's start with the most recent and work backwards.

Jason J. writes in about the Santa holding a "butt plug" sculpture in Greenwich, CT: "How is that Santa not in the (San Fernando) Valley as the mascot at every porn shoot?!?!? How I ask you, how? I give it 2 days before the Bad Butt Plugging Santa costume is available at Condom Revolution."

Jason also wrote in about the Balloon Boy Hoax Halloween Costume: "I am going dark horse candidate - Brad. Falcon's older brother. BTW - how come there is not a swine flu costume out there? Oh wait there is."

Jeff J. provided links to other costumes. My favorite is this homage to Billy Mays.

And Larry P's son, Calvin, made his own costume, seen here: "Here's a cheaper: $3 balloon, with a homemade added foil 'bucket' and a $3 t-shirt version of balloon boy, that my son wore to school today for 'celebrity day'."

Calvin's Balloon Boy costume
Photo: Larry P.
Calvin's Balloon Boy costume

Jim K. wrote in about the blog on employees shopping from work computers or PDAs: "You should have mentioned that shopping with a Blackberry is the most secure mobile device you can have. Probably even more secure than your laptop or computer."

A few of you wrote in about my blogs on California. A few misunderstood me when I said "nearly all" of the Governors from Southern California were Republican, and then put Democrat Gray Davis on the list. I know he's a Democrat, hence the "nearly all" comment, but I admit it was confusing.

From Alan E.: Gray Davis was a democrat, not republican governor, but otherwise, your story is dead on, but perhaps too narrowly focused. Maybe the headline should read, 'Has California lost its mojo?' Until we eliminate the protected gerry-mandered districts, the state is ungovernable as the state legislature is controlled by left/right ideologues. The people need to reclaim control over state government."

Stephen P. wrote in about the new tax a commission is recommending in California to replace much of the sales and corporate tax: "A service tax is the worst tax that can be put on any business of any size. California is more than a state. It is a country with in itself with the sixth largest economy in the world. California refuses to balances its budget like Michigan, and you can rest assured that Michigan is the worst off state in the nation. Economically speaking. A service tax will more than likely shut that state down, as most services will pull up stakes and move across the border. It happened in Michigan and it will happen in California. What California needs to do is cut public service employees and put the brakes on hiring public service employees. We did it in Michigan and California can do the same thing."

Scott M: "The Governor has little to do with what goes on in the state these days. Almost all of the mess in CA is due to the Democratic dominated legislature. If one studies what went on here, you can see the same thing happening in the rest of the country now. Doesn't look good to me. I may have to learn Norwegian to find a well run country."

About the Sarah Palin autographed Xbox360 being auctioned by David Morrill for $1.1 million, which did not sell, MM writes: "Maybe if the Xbox has an autograph of a legendary gaming icon, such as Super Mario, they would be much more interest. What this guy needs to do is sell an autographed bra. I'm sure he wouldn't have any problems selling that."

Mike R. says of Xbox owner Morrill: "He loves Obama. I wouldn't call him a rogue seller, I would call him a dumb ass."

Finally, many of you wrote in hoping for a speedy recovery for my H1N1-infected household. Thank you so much for all your kind thoughts and prayers. Everyone is back to normal.

From Steven H: "Jane, I think your little blog posting on CNBC regarding your kids and the swine flu was more insightful than all I've heard from the news and the CDC combined."

Martin D: "I would hardly rate a routine bout with influenza (in whatever form it currently takes) as 'article worthy', blog worthy or, heaven help us all, twitter worthy. Smacks of reality internet if you ask me. I vote this article 'off the island'."

  • Financial Giants, Insurers May Face Major Changes

From Pat in MD had a heck of a time getting a flu shot for herself, as many pharmacies claimed they had vaccine on hand, but actually did not. Meantime: "My son is away at school in Virginia, and his school isn't offering the Flu Shots to students until 10/27/09! I hope he can last that long! So far so good!"

Jim B: "Thanks for writing the first interesting piece I've read on swine flu. Real life makes for some pretty good news. I'm going to pay closer attention to my daughters' colds now! Hope everyone's feeling better."

H: "Jane... side from the practical help you have given me (and indirectly my two almost grown kids)...I am still laughing my ass off!"

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