UK Kids to Get Career Advice from 7 Years Old

When I'm grown up I want to be a …

Gone may be the days of children dreaming to be princesses and pirates. School children from as young as seven will now be given careers advice, a new UK government plan revealed Monday.

Under the plan, UK primary schools will offer career-related learning, as well as opportunities to experience university life and the world of work, to children aged seven to eleven.

Launching the new scheme alongside soccer team Manchester United's manager Sir Alex Ferguson, Schools Secretary Ed Balls said school children would receive mentoring from older students and successful business people, in addition to careers advice via Facebook, YouTube and blogs.


"It is often too late for children to start thinking about this at 14, when they are influenced from when they are seven, eight and nine," Balls said Sunday night, according to British media.

Balls added he wanted to see "an end to the old boys’ network that means only children from privileged backgrounds get their foot in the door."

He called for a "radical change" to break the middle class dominance of university education and professional networks.

A total of 38 primary schools in Bristol, Coventry, Gateshead, Manchester, Plymouth, Reading and York will trial career-related learning this year, according to press reports.