Indonesian Banks, Commodities Set to Rise

Indonesian investments have a place in investors' portfolios, especially over a five-year time horizon, said Sani Hamid, director of Wealth Management Economy and Market Strategy at Financial Alliance.

" a commodity player. Even the financials could come into play because Indonesia, as we all know, is domestically driven. If the country itself grows, then the finances itself will also grow. So I think these are the two factors that we're probably positive on," he said on CNBC's Protect Your Wealth.

As long as the rupiah maintains a stable level at the 9,500-10,000 range - even if it goes up gradually or weakens gradually to about 10,500 - it is still acceptable, Hamid noted. However, he warned against the big swings experienced in 1997, when the rupiah hit 17,000.

Hamid also said he was still bullish on China despite the fall in the yuan.

"I think countries with huge positive demographics like Indonesia and India will do well. We are asking our clients to keep on holding China (investments). I think this consolidation proves (to be) a very good positioning...people will come in to buy."

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