$igns of Life In Venture Capital

Venture capital is back with a vengeance! For investors, this is good news with evidence growing of better times to come in both the economy and market.

During the third quarter, venture capital investments surged 17% from the previous quarter.


Among the most notable deals, Twitter.

The 'tweet'-heavy company secured a $100 million investment from a group of investors that included Benchmark Capital.

It’s the second round Twitter has received this year, after it raised $35 million in VC funding in February, which at the time valued the company at $250 million.

On the Closing Bell, Benchmark's General Partner Bill Gurley explained why he supported Twitter's 'second stimulus'. Gurley said for Twitter "by choosing to follow individuals, you’re declaring what interest you have. I think that's a nice alignment, perhaps even better than Facebook when it comes to advertising opportunity."

Benchmark's coffers are deep with nearly $2.8 billion in committed venture capital. Gurley believes the market is also improving. "We've had a number of exits this year. I think the IPO window is open. And there's quite a bit of cash on the large companies books right now."

For investors looking for the next big thing…it may come soon! Just follow the venture capital money trail!

Donna Burton contributed to this article.



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