Seven Deadly Sin Stocks on the Move

Exotic Dancer
Exotic Dancer

Whether the economy is in a boom or a bust, the so-called "sin stocks" are supposed to be business as usual either way.

In reality though, many of the stocks trading in the gambling, drinking, and adult entertainment sectors have proven to be extremely volatile of late.

After scanning through many of the major companies operating mainly in either gambling, drinking, adult services, or smoking, several names broke through with major 1-month price swings to take note of.

Million Dollar Saloon
1-Month Change: Down 40%
Million Dollar Saloon owns and operate an adult cabaret which offers restaurant and first-class bar service conducive to attracting businessmen and out-of-town convention clientele in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The company hit a 52-week high of 0.15 per share back in March, but has since shed more than half of its value.

Lodgenet Interactive
1-Month Change: Down 38%

The company primarily provides interactive television systems (including adult movies) to hotels, resorts and casinos throughout United States, Canada, and Mexico. Lodgenet spent parts of 2007 trading in the 30's, fell all the way to under a $1 per share last December, jumped back up again to trade around 8, and has since fallen down around the $5 level.

MGM Mirage
1-Month Change: Down 29%
MGM Mirage, a major player in the hotel-casinos and resorts industry went from bottoming out at $1.81 per share in March, to bringing in astounding returns for bottom fishers, up nearly 400% since. The shares have taken a sizable dip in the last month for this highly volatile stock.

Wynn Resorts
1-Month Change: Down 26%
Wynn, the owner of destination casino resorts such as Wynn Las Vegas and Wynn Macau is another gambling stock that has come back strongly from its March lows. Wynn last closed over $70 per share back in September, and has since fallen under the $60 level.

Las Vegas Sands
1-Month Change: Down 24%
The Sands, owner and operator of the Venetian Casino Resort is another of the volatile gambling stocks. It ran almost as high as $140 per share back in 2007, was crushed down 99% by March of 2009, and has since those lows surged up to trade in the teens.

Private Media Group
1-Month Change: Up 21%
A provider of adult media content, Private Media has been on a slow decline since the spring of 2006. Once trading around $5 per share, the company has spent several months trading as a penny stock.

Rick's Cabaret
1-Month Change: Down 18%
The company owns and operates several major metropolitan adult nightclubs. Rick's traded for nearly $30 per share back in 2007, saw its shares plunge to under $3 in March 2009, and has more than doubled since reaching that low.

Note: The 1-month price changes were calculated from the close of September 29, 2009 to the close of October 28, 2009

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