Cramer’s Top Nat-Gas Growth Stock

Cramer’s turned his endorsement of natural gas into a noble cause. Not only would the cleaner fossil fuel help battle global warming, but also its mass adoption would generate millions of jobs here in the State. And we’d shake off our addiction to foreign oil.

That’s great and all, but this is an investing show. Cramer’s goal always has been to put cash into Mad Money viewers’ pockets, which is the main reason he’s so bullish about natural-gas stocks.


Look at the returns they’ve generated over the last 10 years versus the S&P 500: XTO Energy is up 2,316%, Chesapeake 612%, Apache 444%, Anadarko Petroleum 297% and Devon Energy 233%. That’s an average gain of 781%, while the S&P has lost 29%. Cramer expects this tradition of outperformance to continue, and he urged viewers to buy Devon Energy as one of the best ways to play it.

Why Devon? Largely, because the company has hedged so little of its production: just 16% for the third quarter and 35% for the fourth. That means the company will rake in profits if nat-gas prices take off, as Cramer and other industry execs have predicted they will.

But there’s another reason Devon got the nod today: The company’s home base is in Oklahoma, the site of Mad Money’s latest Back to School Tour stop. The state has proved itself a hub of the natural gas business, so Cramer just had to get Devon Chairman and CEO Larry Nichols to appear on the show.

Watch the video for the full interview for this insider’s take on the future of natural gas.

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