Lighten Up on Bank Stocks Now: Market Pro

How should investors be positioning their portfolios for the new week and new month?

Alan Valdes, vice president of Kabrik Trading, and Charles Bobrinskoy, vice chairman and director of research at Ariel Investments, shared their insights.

“We were looking at the bank indexes, but it’s time to lighten up,” Valdes told CNBC.

“We’ve had 100 bank losses this year, we could see up to 800 by 2012. So it’s time to lighten up on the banks—including the regionals names.”

Valdes expects commercial and residential loan losses to increase in 2010.

(Counterpoint from Jim Cramer: he says some regional banks are set to break out.)

In the meantime, Bobrinskoy recommended a long- and short-term name for investors.

“That’s Berkshire Hathaway —the company is going to report earnings on November 9, the stock has gone nowhere for the last 12 months, but Warren Buffett’s had one of his best 12 months ever,” he said.

“We think the book value could go up by 10 percent in the next quarter. That’s not being reflected in the stock.”

Bobrinskoy also recommended IMS Health .

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