Tonight on Mad Money: Chesapeake and Devon Energy CEOs

Don't miss Cramer's latest Back to School Tour stop at The University of Oklahoma Price College of Business. Few people may know, but the state is a major natural-gas hub, ranking number four in terms of reserves and number two in production. What regular Mad Money viewers do know, though, is how bullish Cramer is on the commodity.

Nat gas is 30% cleaner than crude oil and a 50% less pollutive than coal. Best of all, the US has a ton of it, making us, not just the Saudi Arabia of coal, but the Saudi Arabia of natural gas. If Washington recognized the as yet untapped potential of this more eco-friendly fossil fuel, we could be leading the fight against climate change and, possibly just as important given the economy, creating much-needed jobs. After all, we'll have to build the infrastructure necessary to support the switch to nat gas.


Cramer's been on a crusade of sorts to spread the message, and he's been enlisting the industry's leaders to help out. For Friday's U of O show, he'll continue the conversation with Chesapeake Energy's Aubrey McClendon and Devon Energy's Larry Nichols. Tune into CNBC at 6 & 11PM ET to get the inside scoop from these two top-notch nat gas bosses.

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