Honeywell's Wellbeing


Honeywell celebrates it 80th anniversary listed on the NYSE.

The diversified manufacturing company rang the opening bell at the big board this morning. Dave Cote, Chairman & CEO of Honeywell spoke exclusively to Maria Bartiromo today.

Cote has run Honeywell since 2002. In the past seven years Honeywell has made eight notable deals, including its acquisition $2.53 billion of Novar in December of 2004 and it's sale of Consumables Solution for $1.06 billion in June 2008.

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Year-To-Date, Honeywell has enjoyed nice gains, up 13.3%. However, in the past three years, the stock is down 11.7%.

The Environment

Cote said the environment is more “hopeful now” versus three to four months ago. He didn’t point out anything specific but it was a general feeling from running one of the largest diversified technology and manufacturing business in the world.

End Market Demand

In terms of end market demand, Cote said it’s still mixed. “Industries like business jets and commercial OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) framers are still down in the next year and other things, while other things like our turbo business coming back pretty strongly,” said Cote.

The X-factor:

Winterizing Your Portfolio - A CNBC Special Report
Winterizing Your Portfolio - A CNBC Special Report

How fast will the inventory be used up? At some point the companies will work through all the inventories and need to replenish these products. Cote expects to see more by 2010. It’s “tough to tell by industry when it'll happen. Not so much inventory replenishment as they've run down the inventory and need to meet that end market demand and can't do it by inventory anymore,” said Cote.

Growth Mode?

GDP report where we saw 3.5% growth in the last quarter. Are we back in growth mode? Cote said, “The fact that it's positive, will stick. Will see positive numbers from here on out. We’ll see arguments about how much was stimulus and cash for clunkers and all those kinds of things but I think in the end, the trend is becoming more positive. This is the “sort of thing that will cause people will become more hopeful and start changing the attitude.”



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