My 12 High-Quality Dividend Picks: Chief Investor

Dividends can be a way for investors to effectively safeguard returns during volatile times. Joseph Keating, CIO of RBC Bank Private Asset Management, shared some of his best dividend picks for investors.

“We’re focused on the highest quality names,” Keating told CNBC.

He recommended Colgate-Palmolive , Proctor & Gamble , and Pepsi , which offer 2 to 3 percent dividend yields.

“If you want to get higher, you can go into the pipelines—we like the energy infrastructure in the United States—names like Enterprise Product Partners , Energy Transfer Partners and Plains All American Pipeline ,” he added.

Keating also likes the telecom giants AT&T and Verizon .

“Over the health care arena we’re underweighted, but we do like Johnson & Johnson and Abbott Labs ,” he said. “In technology, the yields are not that high in companies like Intel and IBM —[but they are] very safe, secure dividends.”

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