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Quiz: A Healthier And Wealthier You

Question 1 of 10

Which one of the following statements is most accurate?

  1. It's less expensive to eat healthy foods.
  2. It's more expensive to eat healthy foods.
  3. The most cost-effective weight loss plan is to eat lots of bacon.
  4. There's no difference in cost between eating healthy and eating badly.

While it's true that you can spend a lot of money eating healthy --- those farmer's markets and trips to Whole Foods don't pay for themselves --- the fact remains that a healthy diet is often the most cost-effective one, thanks in part to smaller portions. Eating less food is both the healthier choice and the more cost-effective one, which should be a no-brainer to just about anyone. Combine that with an emphasis on vegetables and whole grains and you have a sound strategy for losing weight and saving money.

SOURCE: 10 Ways to Save Money on Health Costs During the Recession | Health.com